User experience, usability &
information architecture training

Since 2009

Company training

In-House UX Training

Taught at your location and customized to fit your unique offerings, methods and resources, in this intensive workshops your team will work side-by-side with an UX Learn expert to learn and understand UX approaches and challenges.

Learning objectives

In-house workshops provide specific training for companies and organizations in UX, Usability, Testing and Information Architecture

  1. Capacity building: we train internal teams in usability, user experience and information architecture skills through our own projects and ad hoc projects.
  2. In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience: We support the training sessions in the company projects in order to maximize the profit of the workshop.
  3. Cost-effectiveness inversion: attendees learn the key concepts of applying user experience criteria throughout a digital project which makes them more efficient and avoid costly design mistakes.

Learning methodology & materials

This intensive training will get your team up and running in User Experience and give all team members the groundwork needed to make concrete design and development decisions based on training rather than opinion. We propose a training plan centered in three fundamental axes:

  1. User research
  2. Architecture and Conceptual Design
  3. Testing

In order to reach the objectives, attendees are taught the theoretical principles of UX and the knowledge of the fifteen years of experience of the instructors. In addition, printed and digital materials and templates to systematize the entire UX process are provided and further support to ensure that the concepts and experiences conveyed are integrated.

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