User experience, usability &
information architecture training

Since 2009

About UX Learn

UX Learn is powered by Torresburriel Estudio to provide online and classroom training, covering User Experience (UX), usability, Information Architecture (IA) and digital product design topics.

All UX Learn training has a Torresburriel Estudio guarantee, with a 9-year in-house UX training experience and 50+ UX training online editions so far.

Training for professionals

Online training in user experience, usability, and information architecture.

Our online UX Basic Training (65 hours) introduces the core components of a good UX, as well as essential usability and Information Architecture design methods and strategies.

In-house training for companies

In-house UX training for business and organisations, covering user experience (UX), usability and Information Architecture (IA) topics.