Online course

UX Basic Training

This course introduces the core components of a good user experience, as well as essential usability and Information Architecture design methods and strategies. Then apply these usability principles to create products and services that benefit your business and users.

18 Editions 350+ students

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the purpose and roles of UX professionals throughout a project lifecycle.
  2. Understand UX key concepts and techniques used to perform successful project conceptualization and information architecture (IA) processes.
  3. Learn the importance of a user-centered design process and the benefit of incorporating UX activities at all the stages of a project.
  4. Know when to apply which research methods and how to use the data to improve design.

Student testimonials

Foto de Patricia Román (Spain)

It has been a very helpful course. It's ideal for visual designers, it was my case, and offline professionals if you want to start a new career path towards usability and user experience. An excellent course with real-world applicability. I was able to develop my first web project from the concept to a visual design. Recently I got a new job in a digital design studio, where I intend to apply all the knowledge I learnt during the course.

Patricia Román (Spain)
Visual & Interaction Designer
Company training

In-House UX Training

Taught at your location and customized to fit your unique offerings, methods and resources, in this intensive workshops your team will work side-by-side with an UX Learn expert to learn and understand UX approaches and challenges.

Learning objectives

We offer real-time, in-person group training for your entire team. After our workshops, your team will have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience conducting UX topics, and will have all the tools and skills to manage on their own in the future.

  1. Train internal teams working on large projects that need to kickstart the creative process and head in the right direction through usability, UX and Information Architecture.
  2. Build consistency and speak the same language: Studying our varied topics can build consistency in knowledge and practice across teams, especially between multiple teams at organizations large and small.
  3. Reach a desired level of expertise: Achieve a common knowledge and expertise level on your team and between teams. 


This intensive training will get your teams up and running in user experience and give all team members the groundwork needed to make concrete design and development decisions based on training rather than opinion. In-house training courses can help build a unified focus and understanding the UX approaches for your entire team. You have the findings from a real, live study of your own website or other internal design projects, which may be used as the case study throughout the workshop.

Select one of the following available formats:

  • 1-day workshop: 8 hours
  • 2-day intensive workshop: 16 hours (2 x 8 hours)
  • 2 half-day workshop: 10 hours (2 x 5 hours)
  • 4 half-day workshop: 20 hours (4 x 5 hours)